A Confession…

By W Beamish

So what is a confession doing on a Skills Development Centre Blog? Read on and find out.

Too often students think that they are the ones learning and that their teachers are the ones teaching. They believe their teachers may influence them, while they believe that they probably have little or no influence on their teachers.

Think again. We are all in this together and as an a teacher, I am continually influenced by my students. Being continually taught by my students is one of the many rewards that teaching offers.

My students also influence me. Recently some students pointed out that I should not drink caffeinated carbonated soda pop with aspartame. I listened to them.

At first, I began by just drinking water in front of them and admitted to have my carbonated power fluids at home. However, after a couple of weeks of drinking less of what I referred to as “rocket fuel” it has been easy to give it up completely and come clean.

Now, it is my turn to say thank you. I hope that I can influence each one of you to make a change that will positively impact on helping you become stronger learners.

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