The Reference Shelf – Resources to Further Your Learning

Writing and Grammar

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Online Dictionary

Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab

5_Paragraph Essay Writing_Framework (PDF)

Interactive Essay Writing for 5 Paragraph Essay Flash is required for this site.

Introducing an Essay – Thesis Statement (PDF)

Body of an Essay (PDF)

Grammar Girl – Quick and Dirty Tips – Grammar Girl is one of my favorite sites. I prefer to listen to her podcasts than read what is online. (This is must be my auditory aspect of my learning style coming out.) When Grammar Girl speaks grammar makes sense. She has numerous tricks that she offers up to help you remember the concept she is speaking on.

Enjoy this rap video on prefixes by Flocabulary:

Literary Resources

Shmoop – Study Guides – Shmoop is one of my favorite educational resources online. It has comprehensive literary guides and is written in Shmoop’s unique “we speak student” style. Resources are always been added and Shmoop has study guides related to Social Studies and Mathematics.

Figurative Language

Poets Org

Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Stories

The Pit and the Pendulum – By Edgar Allan Poe – Retold by Flocabulary  (Don’t even attempt to watch this if rats bother you.)

Literary Terms Hangman Flash is required to use this site.

The Hero’s Journey (PDF)

Ray Bradbury Theatre

Tools and Techniques

Brainstorm Online

DeviantArt – A great site to create online art. It is much like Paint or Adobe Illustrator.

Interactive Venn Diagram This tool requires Flash.

Online Photo Editor

Technology Training Videos – This is one of my favourite sites. I have learned a lot from watching these training videos and go back to this site again and again. I hope that you, too, will take advantage of this site.


Links to Copyright Free Images and Media

Mashpedia – If you are not getting the results you want form a simple google search, try Mashpedia. You will get websites, videos, tweets, news items, books, images and more on the topic you search for.

Wikiquote – Visit this site when you want to know who said that.

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